Prism Electric

We have been provide Journeymen, Apprentice, CAD, BIM, and Project Diversity for Prism Electric in Dallas Fort worth area since 2014 under the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Terminal Renewal and Improvement Program (TRIP) under the BARC Joint Venture for Terminal A.

Genztler Electric

We have been provide Journeymen, Apprentice, CAD, BIM, and Project Diversity for Prism Electric in Dallas Fort worth area since 2014 under the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Terminal Renewal and Improvement Program (TRIP) under the MBJ3 Joint Venture for Terminal E.

Rose IT International

HyperNet is an approve subcontractor for Rose IT International. Rose International is one of the nation’s leading minority and woman-owned providers of Workforce and Technology Solutions and employ over 6,000 people across the country.

Department of Interior – Bureau of Reclamation

Our Team offers diverse experience with backgrounds in engineering, hydrology, remote sensing and database management.  Our Team includes seasoned ESRI developers, analysts, hydraulic modelers and database designers.  Our Team has successfully completed innovative and complex projects for a range of domestic and international clients including both governmental and private entities.

  • ArcGIS-based interface development
    • 1d/2d/3d hydrologic/hydraulic models
    • FWS River 2D fish habitat simulation model
    • Earthquake response system to identify potentially affected facilities given a seismic event
    • Finite element/volume mesh generators
    • GPS-based wildlife tracking database
    • Data management interface design for long term support of water contract negotiation maps
  • Perform studies using computational hydraulics to model facility failures for subsequent inundation map generation and loss of life estimate analysis
  • Large scale database conversion
  • Publication quality custom mapping
  • Custom tools for advanced analysis such as sediment loading
  • Development of a standalone ArcEngine application to monitor facility information and images in a GIS based monitoring system
  • Custom internet and intranet GIS mapping solutions
    • ArcGIS Server applications for agency level systems
    • Web-based “mash-up” applications
  • Oracle database programming, development and Oracle 8i to 10g conversion
  • Oracle Express, web application support services, programming, and desktop applications services using Oracle Express.
  • Oracle Forms, and ColdFusion, to support Reclamation’s Mid-Pacific Regional Office, Area and Field Offices.
  • Support secure client and public access to Reclamation applications and/or information.
  • Develop and maintain the regional spatial resources master database.
  • Provide GIS and related technologies service support includes developing new software programs required to interface with existing programs
  • Conversion of old programs to new platforms.
  • Program maintenance, analysis, planning.
  • Computer project management, implementation, software engineering and development.
  • Technical interchange meeting support.
  • Tracking and configuration management support
  • Reclamation Help Desk assistance (ESRI enterprise technical support).
  • Programming languages – VB .Net, C# .Net , Visual Basic, VBA, C, C++, , UNIX scripting, Fortran, AML, HTML, XML, CPL, COM, Map Algebra, Avenue, ArcObjects, MapObjects, Python, JavaScript.


Meridian Technology Center, Stillwater, Oklahoma – Provided total Information Technology, PCs and Systems Maintenance support on various Network platforms such as NT, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Red Hat Enterprise LINUX, Sun Solaris, UNIX, Novell, LAN/WAN/Wireless System Integration, Asset Management, and .NET. Our Team also provided end user training, hardware and software maintenance, campus-wide LAN administration and classroom and online training.

State of Oklahoma – For the 77 county clerk offices of the State of Oklahoma, our Team engineers designed and developed a custom Office Automation software (County Suite 2000) used for tracking purchase orders, and receiving and transferring of material to site projects. The eLand product offers a unified data model that gathers and synchronizes real-time information across local government LAN/WAN/Wireless network so they can: enable public access land records anytime, anywhere; update real-time land records via VPN security connection; improve county customer service; and establish and sustain profitable innovations.

Department of Transportation (Federal Aviation Administration) FAA – Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – Our team provides support services for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Regulatory Support Division (AFS-620) organization where our airworthiness specialists and data analysts provide assistance with specialized data collection operations and programs.  Our personnel coordinate the collection and authentication of aviation data elements for input into the FAA’s Accident Incident Data System (AIDS) and Service Difficulty Reporting System (SDRS) systems.  The responsibility includes the development of analysis methodologies, identification of changes required for program accomplishment, and integration of new requirements into operational plans.

The Regulatory Support division functions as manager of many of the Flight Standards safety database systems.  AFS-620 collects and processes safety data received from FAA offices, other government agencies, foreign aviation agencies, the public and industry, and disseminates it through publications and special reports.

Department of Transportation (Federal Aviation Administration) FAA Southwest Region – Our Team provides Mail Distribution and Supply Services Support to FAA – Southwest Region in Fort Worth, Texas.

Department of the Air Force, 327th Tanker Support Group, Tinker AFB, Oklahoma – Our Team advice, assist, and support the group in providing management assistance, administrative support, programming, database design, research, and program analysis.

Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) – Our Team developed a web-based application for 30 transportation sites around the state of Oklahoma to tracks daily miles/trips statistics for Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT). The services requested in this contract including:

  Financial Data:

  • True estimated cost of services for fiscal year
  • Actual line item monthly expenses
  • Finalize their monthly claim forms
  • ODOT personnel will review and make changes as needed to the claims and notify the contractor
  • Monthly federal reimbursement will be calculated at the predetermined rate and an amount not to exceed 1/12 of the administrative plus operational contracted amount
  • ODOT personnel will be able to override the 1/1 limitation


   Statistical Data:

  • Vehicle rider ship statistics
  • Reports will be generated for the different funding agencies based on their requirements


Oklahoma State University – Center for Local Government Technology (CLGT) – Our Team provides total Information Technology, PCs and Systems Maintenance support for the Oklahoma State University (CLGT) on various Network platforms such as NT, Windows 2000, Unix, Novell, .NET. Our Team also provides LAN/WAN services, Information Assurance, Software Applications, Help Desk Support, Inventory Management, Troubleshooting and Repair all hardware and software.  Our Team is responsible for the day-to-day maintenance activities for this organization network with 600+ users including 2000+ pieces of equipment such as PCs, servers, printers, scanners, palmtops, laptops, firewalls, routers, switches, hubs, etc.  Maintain network system integrity and performance. Provide instructional application support for traditional classroom training and web-based asynchronous on-line training.  Provide technical support for multiple video conferencing centers.